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Control The Paper Blizzard

Control The Paper Blizzard

When you enter your office space, are you overwhelmed with the amount of papers stacked on the desk, chairs, and floor? Even in this age of computers and electronics, the quantity of paper that we are printing, receiving and filing has grown substantially. Add to that the mail that we receive daily that needs to be acted upon or filed. Is there a real way to restore control of our heaps and files?

You bet! A paper/workflow system has to be developed to allow for the information that you must keep. Everyone will create a different method that supports their personal strengths and makes it easy they need for them to find what.

Several different options are available to create a filing system:

1. Alphabetical – all files are a-z

2. Categorical and/or color code – broad topics such as for instance insurance coverage, medical, house, finance, etc. You may possibly elect to color code by category for a visual reminder.

3. The `if/then’ technique – Make files based on what comes first. For instance: all work related files are very first; then, because of your task, you will have income, banking and investment information; next, because you have finances, you may have a home/mortgage, insurance, etc. It really is another approach to producing a `system’.

Probably the most rule that is important to HAVE a process that works for you. Develop a routine of going through your papers that are incoming mail. It won’t happen you have to plan and schedule the time by itself, rather. Make it a habit. Day perhaps everyday at 4:30 you will deal with the papers before you end your. As time passes, it will become automatic, just like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast.

Start out with the most papers that are current. Develop a system predicated on today’s information and continue steadily to file and toss while you go through the stacks in your desk as well as on a floor. Plan to work with 30-45 moment increments of the time. Your focus will remain more powerful and you will accomplish a lot more in a period that is short of. Then, proceed to other tasks.

Remember, the piles and files didn’t get this way overnight. Give yourself the benefit of time in order to take back control of the paper blizzard. Soon, you will be able to enjoy the environment that is calm you have always wanted.

Never Agonize…Organize It!