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Considerations when Applying for Used Auto Finance

Considerations when Applying for Used Auto Finance

Needing to make a decision between buying a new car and owning a used car, most people would be apt to say that they want the new car, of course. However, when it comes to actually having to spend the money, more and more often, people are taking a good hard look at belated model utilized vehicles. Many late model used automobiles provide most of the exact same features and comforts of these completely new counterparts, often with low or very low mileage. Most auto dealerships that deal in used as well as new cars offer used car financing as well. Used car loan rates, while usually higher than new car rates, can be competitive as well. Note that many dealerships will not offer used auto finance on a motor car that is over the age of 5 years.

Types of Used Car Financing

Used car financing does not always have to take place at the dealership. You could consider taking out a second mortgage to pay for your car, which is (of course) secured by your home if you are a homeowner. In case your credit score is great, in the present environment, you will get pretty decent interest rates on a second mortgage. Needless to say, when you go this route, you must remember if they have an alternative used auto finance option open to them that you are using your home as collateral and some might consider that to be risky.

Probably the most likely route to used auto finance for most people is used car loans. Used auto finance is basically split up into two categories; Used car loans for people with a good credit history, and subprime used auto finance. Borrowers with a good or better credit history can obtain very competitive used car loan rates. Borrowers with recent credit dilemmas, with a fair or poor credit history, generally speaking will have to spend a greater rate of interest.

How to Control Car Loan Rates

Having said that, the subprime borrower can take some actions to tip the scales to their benefit.

Before submitting an application for car or truck financing or virtually any used car loans, you should become familiar with your credit reporting bureau report. Note, you are entitled to one credit that is free bureau report each year from the big three credit reporting bureaus (Equifax, Trans-Union, Experian). They can be visited by you at each of their websites for more information. Obtain a copy of your credit bureau report from all 3 because some companies will are accountable to a few bureaus, not to any or all of them. Get acquainted with what’s in your credit bureau report. If there are any erroneous mistakes or things that you disagree with, you should write a letter to the credit bureau(s) that is listing the item(s) and inform them of the problems and they should retract them for you. Keep all copies of the credit bureaus to your correspondence.

Do anything else that one can think of to improve your credit record.

If you are able to get a co-signer on your loan that has good credit, it’s just like you have good credit and the rates for used car loans can be much lower.

Finally, muster up as big of a deposit as you can. The bigger the quantity of your payment that is down reduced interest rate it’s possible to demand from the lender.

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